65 Roses and a Trunki

“A powerful, honest and heartfelt story of survival against the odds. This is a book that everyone should read.”

Professor Steven West CBE DL, Vice-Chancellor President and CEO, University of the West of England

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As safety is increasingly valued above resilience and victimhood is valued above autonomy, I agreed to write this book because I was inspired by the extraordinary personal challenges Rob Law overcame.

He was  born with cystic fibrosis and watched his twin sister die from the same illness at sixteen. Told he could not expect to live into his twenties, he made a promise that he was going to defy the odds and live a long and successful life.

Despite being humiliated at school because of his dyslexia and in Dragons Den, where his business was described as “worthless”, Rob went on to create a new category of consumer product, build a global business brand, become an accomplished athlete, get an MBE from the Queen, bring joy to millions of children all over the world and become a father to three children after being told he would die childless.

65 Roses and a Trunki is a life-affirming story that can help anyone, personally and professionally, to overcome seemingly impossible challenges.

‘An inspirational example of courage and determination – his life story is compulsive and compulsory reading.’

Sir John Timpson CBE, Chairman, Timpson

‘An inspirational lesson in humility and resilience.’

Richard Reed CBE, Co-Founder, Innocent Drinks

‘A poignant memoir filled with physical bravery, entrepreneurial focus and a designers determination.’

Andrew Lynch, Associate Business Editor, The Sunday Times

‘A stunningly honest and personal book. It speaks directly to purpose and how vital that is in business and life.’

Paul Lindley OBE, Founder, Ella’s Kitchen

‘We can all learn something from reading these powerful pages; lessons to apply in our business, and in our life.’

Emma Jones MBE, Founder, Enterprise Nation

‘For anyone who’s got a dream, this is essential reading – but I warn you now, your excuses for not taking action will ring hollow.’

Nadine Dereza, Journalist, Presenter & Media Director

‘Rob’s account of his life with CF is heart-warming and deeply moving. His grit and tenacity are an inspiration.’

David Ramsden, Chief Executive Cystic Fibrosis Trust

'A must read for all aspiring entrepreneurs.'

Richard Joseph, Co founder & CEO Joseph Joseph

'A life affirming book for all.'

Clive Grinyer, Head of Service Design, Royal College of Art